The HSMonitor Open Market Consultation is now open!

What is an OMC for?

HSMonitor is carrying out an Open Market Consultation (OMC) in the form of a series of events, which aims to:

  • inform potential suppliers (industry) about the HSMonitor pre-commercial procurement opportunities
  • explain in detail the pre-commercial procurement process
  • open a dialogue with potential suppliers about the scope of procurement envisaged in the project (incl. technical specifications)
  • facilitate matchmaking among potential suppliers in need of support in the building of consirtia capable of addressing the needs of the HSMonitor procurers in full

Workshops and webinars

Date Event Language Location
25.03.2020 OMC Turkey, Recording available Turkish Online webinar
16.04.2020 OMC International Webinar, Recording available English Online webinar
29.04.2020 OMC Zagreb [Registration] English Online webinar
11.05.2020 OMC Jämtland [Registration] English Online webinar
TBC OMC Italy (Lombardy and Campania) Italian Online webinar

Find partners

We encourage companies that cannot cover all the building blocks required for the HSMonitor solutions to team up with other companies.

Companies that are interested in finding partners to create consortia will be published on the website. Have a look if they complement your profile and get in touch!

If you want to be on the list, please register by filling in the OMC questionnaire above.


Suppliers can submit questions relating to the HSMonitor procurerment centrally by sending an email to suppliers@hsmonitor-pcp(dot)eu. Answers will be elaborated jointly by the HSMonitor procurers and made available in an FAQ section.