Your Digital Therapeutics for COnnected and Holistic carE for hypertenSIon preventiOn and managemeNt

COHESION is a holistic digital solution that empowers evidence-based, integrated-care and person-centred management of people with or at risk of hypertension.

COHESION is uniquely designed to create added value at all steps of the way: from the health and proactivity of chronic patients and the general population, to the effectiveness and sustainability of the healthcare system, to the ability of health and care professionals to ensure the highest standards of care for their hypertensive patients.


Learning & Coaching

HSTrainerPortal & HSPublicPortal

The COHESION ecosystem helps both patients and professionals learn more about hypertension management, with focused educational material and engagement formats tailored for personalised needs

  • Patients and the general population learn about hypertension through education and training programmes, professional coaching sessions and supervised community discussions

  • Healthcare professionals and coaches stay up-to-date with best practices and clinical guidelines

  • The Patient Education Manager harmonises input from all care team members and guides enrolled patients in their education, training and empowerment curriculum

Gamification features and serious games help motivate and consolidate patient learning

Shared Care Planning

HSApp & HSProfessional

  • Patients and their care teams sync efforts through the Shared Care Plan (SCP), which details all pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments as well as personalised goals and recommendations for the patient

  • The Care Team Manager creates the SCP according to the patient’s unique needs, coordinates all care team members and harmonises their SCP recommendations

  • Patients track SCP progress and adherence on their smartphone, and are supported via different strategies (e.g., gamification, reminders and alerts, educational material, virtual coaching) to maximize treatment compliance

  • Care team members can create specialty-specific plans (e.g., diet, physical activity) that become part of the SCP and can be monitored and reviewed over time

Self- & Remote BP Monitoring

HSApp & HSProfessional + Smart Devices

The COHESION ecosystem connects with different devices and existing IT systems, enabling tracking of digital biomarkers by both patients and their care teams

  • Patients measure blood pressure (BP) with a smart BP monitor and then track progress with their smartphone, unlocking ‘prizes’ for adherence and milestones via gamification features

  • Health professionals and coaches monitor patients’ progress via a dedicated Dashboard and receive alerts and recommendations thanks to an intuitive Decision Support System

  • If monitored SCP compliance and progress are low, professionals can communicate directly with patients, coach them and guide them to the most appropriate educational material

AI features are included to further enhance detection of worrisome BP recordings and fine-tune notification systems for both patients and physicians.

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