Personalised, Connected Care

A comprehensive “end-to-end” data-driven technology platform, aimed at reducing blood pressure through intelligent risk prevention, personalised home monitoring, self-management, and lifestyle behaviour modification

Intuitive patient mobile app image

Intuitive patient mobile app

A Digital Health App for people with or at risk of hypertension, personalised through:

  • a digital health avatar representing the user in real-time

  • looking after your avatar = looking after you!

  • a secure social platform where users can join a virtual hypertension community for participation

  • support for various health applications and devices to collect personal health data

  • a Shared Care Plan placing the patient in control of their care

Users will be able to advance their avatars from beginner to expert levels, by completing interactive training material and increasing health literacy, reaching personalised health goals, participating in “serious games” and more.

Professional web-based dashboard

The remotely accessible professional dashboard will allow users to:

  • Track and manage multiple hypertensive patients simultaneously via an insightful and robust reporting dashboard with drill-down capability for closer inspection of important metrics

  • Optimise patient drug therapy with an intelligent medicine optimisation tool based on Best Evidence Medicine (BEM), personalised for patients to improve compliance and adherence

  • Manage and monitor patient’s Shared Care Plans in collaboration with the patient and all involved members of their care team to ensure personal health goals are met
Big data

Big data and Artificial Intelligence

The AXON HT solution will apply modern technologies and approaches to use big data and AI in combination to continuously improve various algorithms related to:

  • Improving the accuracy of predictive hypertension risk algorithms

  • Personalising the digital patient pathway experience

  • Optimising patient drug therapy sooner and avoiding adverse reactions

Using suitable machine learning algorithms, the AXON HT solution will continuously look to improve and expand the clinical decision support capabilities it provides to both patients and professionals to prevent and treat hypertension.

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