Following a successful call for tenders in autumn 2020, seven solution concepts were selected to proceed to Phase I of the PCP – Solution Design. While all solutions meet the minimum requirements documented in the call, each one has proposed further innovative elements to ICT-enabled hypertension care.

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Main contractors


A comprehensive “end-to-end” data-driven technology platform, aimed at reducing blood pressure through intelligent risk prevention, personalised home monitoring, self-management, and lifestyle behaviour modification


COHESION is a holistic digital solution that empowers evidence-based, integrated-care and person-centred management of people with or at risk of hypertension.

COHESION is uniquely designed to create added value at all steps of the way: from the health and proactivity of chronic patients and the general population, to the effectiveness and sustainability of the healthcare system, to the ability of health and care professionals to ensure the highest standards of care for their hypertensive patients.


All about hypertension care – An intelligent digital clinical pathway towards the proactive management and smart monitoring of hypertension.


HyperCare is an integrated and personalised ICT solution, which fosters prevention and continuum of care through a self-management system for hypertensive patients, and a patient management system to all the involved health professionals.


HyperHealth is the concept design for a new ICT solution aimed to provide a proactive, integrated, personalized hypertension prevention and management.


The Hypertension Precision Response Monitoring System (Hyperion) is designed to improve the quality of treatment of existing hypertensive patients while adopting preventive health care strategies for the people at risk of hypertension with a proactive approach based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


SmartHT Project will provide an end-to-end smart hypertension management solution to improve:

(1) primary prevention by enabling effective screening of population for identification of risky population and prehypertension patients and empowering them with necessary personalized guidance and training

(2) timely diagnosis by effective integration of screening features with primary care services; (3) effective management of hypertension.