HyperCare is an integrated and personalised ICT solution, which fosters prevention and continuum of care through a self-management system for hypertensive patients, and a patient management system to all the involved health professionals.

HyperCare at a glance

HyperCare proposes a two-fold ICT solution leveraging on personalised medicine, aimed at solving specific problems of hypertension by:

  • remotely assisting, training, and supporting hypertensive patients or citizens at risk of hypertension by leveraging on a holistic and personalised recommender system.

  • helping health professionals on taking more informed decisions saving time and learning from past experiences.

  • adopting an integrated approach fed by data from smart devices, electronic health records and open data sources, creating an IoT system able to work efficiently with minimum data expected to be manually inputted by the users.
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Self-management app
for patients

Foster self-empowerment, better follow-up and behavioural change by an app designed for hypertensive patients or citizens at risk, which considers not only data from smart devices, but also environmental data and preferences that may influence daily life activities, allowing the system to be adapted to users’ current activities. Specifically, it:

  • recommends and schedules personalized nutrition and physical activity care plans and feedback of the completion of activities.

  • provides tools for an understandable follow-up of the main pillar of health: physical-, sleeping activity, nutrition, and stress.

  • provides realistic, feasible, and personalised intelligent recommendations to foster healthier habits and socialization through suitable recommender systems focused on these main pillars.

  • motivates and encourages users to change their lifestyle through missions and challenges integrated into a social-simulation game with a personalized virtual avatar.

  • social management to allow patients to interact to change experiences and finding support, including family and caregivers.

Patient management system for health professionals

Professionals at any level will be better coordinated as a team and seamlessly connected to their patients, constantly and proactively in contact with each other following an integrated-care approach, through a system that:

  • automatically supports health professionals in decisions-making of three main aspects: risk assessment, care plan definition, and drug-drug interactions.

  • provide collaboration, cooperation, and continuously patients’ monitoring and follow-up on the main indicators related to hypertension.

  • is fully integrated to the HER/PHR of the 5 procurers’ sites.

  • Considers point of care stations (like pharmacies) in collaborating with overall support for patients and professionals.

  • is based on European guidelines, and health professional advice and scientifically valid and corroborated protocols.

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