The Hypertension Precision Response Monitoring System (Hyperion) is designed to improve the quality of treatment of existing hypertensive patients while adopting preventive health care strategies for the people at risk of hypertension with a proactive approach based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


Healing Journey
with a Mobile app

The advanced health application that brings the patient/user to the centre includes:

  • A holistic 360-degree profile where all patient/user data is analysed and processed with high-quality AI-techniques

  • A tailor-made “Smart Coach” that empower the self-management capacity of people with or at risk of hypertension on ‘healing journey’

  • Hyperion Community Forum where patients and physicians can share their experiences, provide peer support and motivation to patients during the treatment process

  • Hyperthons Challenge Game to enhance the motivation of patients on improving their lifestyle

Application Support
for clinicians

The application that supports the multidisciplinary care management of clinicians includes:

  • 360-degree patient profiles in order to follow-up the real-time clinical, nutrition, lifestyle etc. data of patients and the level of care adherence

  • Shared Care Plan with a dynamic and reconfigurable dashboard to create and manage personalized goals for pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments

  • Risk Assessment Tool based on AI-based predictive algorithmic module for early detection of people with suspected hypertension

  • Early Warning System that provides proactive decision support to the clinical evaluation of the physician by generating preventive solutions for predictable hypertension complaints and treatment elements

  • Hypertension training materials containing personalized elements according to the determined needs of the patients

Integrated ecosystem

The application provides a wide integration network with different databases and IoT devices:

  • Existing systems and other databases such as EHR/PHR, OMICs where patients’ health-related data are recorded

  • Smart-Blood Pressure Monitors; for analysing, comparing and sharing blood pressure and heart rate data

  • Smart-Band; for calories, physical exercise, sleep and stress data

  • Great extensibility via possible third-party integrations that enables wider health and lifestyle data capture

The Consortium

Hyperion’s unique features are brought together by the members of the Consortium, Bilbest, Ergonomica and Syomatica.

  • The members are extremely well entrenched in the eHealth market, software applications for smart devices, and in ICT solutions involving personalised care and hospital management systems.

  • Hyperion Consortium has extensive experience in the health sector, particularly mobile technologies, data analytics, data integration, and data visualization. The members of the consortium have successfully designed, developed and implemented many state-of-the-art large scale healthcare projects.

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