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HSMonitor matchmaking

Many PCP tenderers decide to apply together with international partners in a joint tender (consortium) to be able to fulfill all of the tender requirements. All interested suppliers are invited to fill in an OMC questionnaire to capture their partnership needs.

Their profiles are posted below to allow for identifying the best partnerhsips. For each supplier seeking partnerhships, basic information in the form of tags is provided, along with a more detailed profile.

Search tags aim to display at a glance the needs of the listed organisations. They are grouped based on:

  • Type of partnership coordinators looking for further partners, or partners looking for coordinators
  • Country support requiring relevant expertise for a specific country
  • Building blocks coverage seeking to partner with organisations to addess relevant building blocks

datonix Srl

An Italian company looking for partnerships. 

Coordinator/partners  Drug therapy & adherence Early detection Interoperability  & Integration





MyIndicators 46 AB

A Swedish company looking for partnerships.

Interoperability  & Integration Devices & monitoring Healthier lifestyle






A small company offering respiratory diease management systems.

Coordinator/partners All procurer countries Drug therapy & adherence





Fraunhofer IMS

Medium-sized German institute looking for complementary partners.

Partners User interaction Legal & ethical aspects Integration & evaluation





Humetrix Inc.

A US-based international company looking for partnerships.

Coordinator/partners Countries support Early detection Interoperability  & Integration






A value-based care solutions developer from Portugal.

Coordinator/partners Devices & monitoring Training & education





GOLEM Solutions

An Austria-based R&D SME looking to collaborate.

Coordinator/partners Turkey Sweden Croatia biomedical models of health behaviour management health management






A medium-sized Turkish enginering company seeking to join a consortium.

seeking a coordinator





imaginary srl

A serious games and gamification expert from Italy.

Coordinator Turkey Sweden Croatia Early detection Healthier lifestyle
Drug therapy  & adherence Decision support
Interoperability  & Integration Quality reporting





Medixine AB

A connected health SME looking for partners contributing with content.

Coordinator/partners Turkey Italy Croatia Decision support Quality reporting Training & education





Datawizard Srl

A digital health SME looking for support in standardisation.

partners Turkey Sweden Croatia
Early detection Patient-professional collaboration





GNOMON s.r.o.

A small company looking to join a consortium.

seeking a coordinator Software Development





European Society of Hypertension

A European platform for scientific exchange in hypertension, wishing to support consortia.

All countries Healthier lifestyle Training & education





Guven Future

A Turkey-based large international enterprise looking for partners.

seeking partners
Interoperability & Integration





Ab.Acus srl

A small company based in Italy looking for partners.

seeking partners/coordinator Interoperability & Integration Healthier lifestyle Training & education






A Turkish SME looking for partners.

seeking partners/coordinator Italy Sweden Croatia






A small UK-based company seeking to join a consortium.

seeking partners/coordinator
Interoperability & Integration
Quality reporting






A Croatian company seeking to join a consortium.

coordinator Turkey Italy Sweden Early detection

Healthier lifestyle Drug therapy & adherence





Butler Scientifics

A Spanish data analytics company looking for partnerships.

coordinator/partners Data analysis Artificial intelligence





upProject Gestión de Proyectos

A Spanish company seeking service delivery support.

partners Healthier lifestyle Devices & monitoring






An Italian company seeking risk and AI disruptive changes Healthcare ecosystem: AI human supervised governance support.

coordinator/partners  Artificial intelligence





Frisq AB

A Swedish company seeking device integration and real time monitoring support.

coordinator/partners  Artificial intelligence  Devices & monitoring





Thomson Screening

A British company seeking support in identifying how applications add value to the soltuion.

coordinator/partners  Artificial intelligence 

 Patient-professional collaboration 

Quality reporting





Sentinel Biosensor

A British company seeking FHIR\HL7 Integration support.

coordinator/partners Devices & monitoring  

Artificial intelligence  

Interoperability  & Integration






An Italian company seeking support in the large-scale production of devices and after-sales management.

partners  Devices & monitoring  Artificial intelligence 





Victrix SocSan S.L.

A Spanish company seeking partnerships with devices and monitoring support. 

partners  Devices & monitoring  Artificial intelligence 






A Spanish company seeking diet design and intake control support. 

partners Healthier lifestyle  

Devices & monitoring  Artificial intelligence 








An Irish company seeking support in the implementation of the already developed and implemented solutions.

Partners Decision support 

Devices & Monitoring Artificial intelligence 







Kardelen Software

A Turkish company seeking support in remote patient monitoring and wearable devices.

Partners   Devices & monitoring

Patient-professional collaboration

Artificial intelligence 







Sedam IT Ltd.

A Croatian company looking for partnerships. 

Partners Patient-professional collaboration

Artificial intelligence 







Pryv SA

A Swiss company looking for partnerships. 

partners  Devices & monitoring  Artificial intelligence 





Hayriya Bilişim ve Saglik Teknolojileri AS

A Turkish company seeking support in clinical trials, medical support, decision making and data mining.

Partners Decision support  Devices & Monitoring 








An Italian company seeking support in the large-scale production of devices and after-sales management.

Partners Decision support  Devices & Monitoring 







Healthy Reply

An Italian company seeking support in the Device and System Integration and Services delivery.

Partners Decision support

Devices & Monitoring Artificial intelligence 





Gesan S.r.L.

An Italian company seeking support in Artificial Intelligence, Decision support, Devices & Monitoring, Augmented Reality fo Serious Game.

Partners Decision support

Devices & Monitoring Artificial intelligence 





Tech4Care srl

An Italian company looking for clinical partners with focus on hypertension care.

Partners Decision support

Artificial intelligence Drug therapy & adherence





Pulso Ediciones S.L.

A Spanish company looking for AI Experts, HIS integration and interoperability support, and cardiovascular quality outcomes designers.

Partners Artificial intelligence  

Interoperability  & Integration Quality reporting





Medicine Men BV

A Dutch company looking for partnerships. 

Partners Artificial intelligence  

Interoperability  & Integration Decision support





DXS International plc

A British company looking for technical localisation support from companies outside the UK.

Partners Artificial intelligence  

Interoperability  & Integration 






An Italian company looking for partnerships. 

Healthier lifestyle Quality reporting Training & education

Interoperability  & Integration 





Nextage Srl

An Italian company looking for partnerships. 

 Training & education

Interoperability  & Integration Devices & monitoring Turkey Croatia Sweden





Caduceus Software S.L.

A Spanish company looking for partnerships. 

 Training & education

Devices & monitoring

Healthier lifestyleQuality reporting





Health Tech Europe

A Spanish company looking for support in monitoring devices. 

Devices & monitoring

Healthier lifestylePartners 





Euridoc Inversiones Estrategicas

A Spanish company looking for support in the device and remote monitoring. 

Devices & monitoringPartners 






A Turkish company looking for partners experienced in the healthcare domain. 

Healthier lifestylePartners 

Interoperability  & Integration






A Swiss company looking for Remote Patient Monitoring Platform partnerships.

Healthier lifestylePartners 

Devices & monitoring






Are you the owner of a profile? Contact us to update the informaton displayed for your organisation.