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Region Jamtland Harjedalen (RJH’s) legal status is County Council with responsibility for primary and secondary healthcare as well as regional development in a region of about 130,000 inhabitants. The R&D unit has a Project Office that develops and oversees larger external projects and functions as a resource to internal and external project partners. The Project Office also acts as a networking resource. Since R&D also oversees education, including parts of the training for all medical personnel, there is an organisational connection as to the involvement of medical personnel in the projects. Research is undertaken within a wide-range in RJH, e.g. how best to promote high quality secondary prevention in cardiology and a world leading research on app treatment in urinary incontinence.

RJH has a well-established common EHR (e-prescriptions included) for all primary and secondary care. The R&D unit is responsible for knowledge production and the infrastructure of research and mHealth/eHealth development. To this organisation researchers, working with different research methodologies and research statisticians are familiar with different methodologies both qualitative and quantitative.