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Ministry of Health of Turkey (MOH) is the main government body responsible for health sector policy making, implementation of national health strategies through programs and direct provision of health services. MOH is the major provider of primary, secondary and tertiary health care services in Turkey. It is essentially the only provider of preventive health services through an extensive network of health facilities (Public Health Centers). The semi-autonomous Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency also functions under MOH.

General Directorate of Health Information Systems (GDHIS), which will lead the research and development activities of HSMonitor project, is responsible for country-wide policies, strategies and standards for information systems and communication technologies in healthcare services, information systems and projects for personal health records. It is the host of the national health information system of Turkey.

MOH is a highly-esteemed and authoritative organisation in Turkey, whose policies and missions will be welcomed by formal and informal caregivers, which will greatly contribute to the use and acceptance of HSMonitor.