Thomson Screening

Organisation size Micro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)
Headquarters United Kingdom
Market Presence European; International (other than Europe)
National reach Spain, USA, Guatemala, Ghana, Japan, Costa Rica, Morocco
Overall description

Thomson Screening was set up by City, University of London. The company has a rapid development platform enabling it to develop products for managing processes in Health Care for use either offline or online. Examples include Covid-19 Testing Management, Automated Immunisation Management, Automated Health Needs Assessment Management, Vision, Hearing and Body Mass Index screening (Children and Occupational Health). The software automates all elements of workflow and communications including KPI and risk reporting individually and area wide.

Areas of expertise

Enabling our company and third parties to rapidly develop and implement population wide Health management programmes, especially in Community Health, Occupational Health and in Developing Countries.

Website &
Technology experience

Covid-19 Test Manager enables decentralised (offline or online) automated, auditable and scalable administration of large scale Covid-19 testing, including patient feedback and outcome analytics. Covid-19 Isolation Checker and Stress Factor Checker enables Employers to track and monitor the health and availability of employees during Covid-19.

Areas of cooperation sought

The key will be identifying how applications adding value to the soltuion.

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.