HSMonitor prototypes of solutions for hypertension management tested in four countries

Three HSMonitor solutions for better management of hypertension were tested in the period November – December 2021 in Italy, Sweden, Turkey and Croatia:

  • Hsmart BPM is an intelligent digital clinical pathway towards the proactive management and smart monitoring of hypertension.
  • HyperHealth is a new ICT solution aimed to provide a proactive, integrated, personalised hypertension prevention and management.
  • SmartHT is an end-to-end smart hypertension management solution for primary prevention, timely diagnosis and effective management of hypertension.

The solutions are being developed as part of the HSMonitor pre-commercial procurement (PCP) process, which is represented by different competitive stages of development. The solution developer teams (suppliers) work closely with the clients (procurers) to develop solutions which address the latter’s unmet needs. The procurers are represented by Ministry of Health of Turkey, Lombardy region (Italy), region Jämtland Härjedalen (Sweden), Federico II University Hospital Naples (Italy) and Health Center Zagreb (Croatia).

The prototypes for the three solutions were tested as part of phase II of the PCP via dedicated local meetings attended by procurer representatives (healthcare professionals, procurement experts). Patients were also invited to those meetings to ensure that the feedback given to the suppliers reflects well the patient perspective. In some cases, the meetings were organised as online webinars due to the constraints imposed by the ongoing pandemic.

Prototype test meetings with healthcare professionals and patients in Ankara, Turkey

The feedback from the prototype testing will be used by the suppliers to develop further their solutions, leading to the full testing of two of them in real conditions for an extended period of time in phase III of the PCP, which is expected to start in February 2022. The selection of the top two solutions that will proceed to phase III is currently ongoing and expected to be announced at the end of January 2022.

HSMonitor tackles the need for providing effective and efficient hypertension management to European citizens, the majority of whom develop high blood pressure (BP) in adulthood or later in life. Hypertension is also the most prevalent cardiovascular disorder, affecting 20% to 50% of the adult population in developed countries.

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