Healthcare providers interested in innovative hypertension management approaches: stay up to date on latest solutions and results from HSMonitor’s large-scale pilots

The majority of Europeans today continue to develop high blood pressure (hypertension) in adulthood or later in life. In many countries, up to every third adult has hypertension, with the rate of onset increasing dramatically over time – to 50% for 65-year-olds and to 90% for persons over 80 years of age.

Novel approaches to comprehensive hypertension management which utilise the advancement of health systems’ digitalisation are key to tackling this rising epidemic.

Five healthcare providers from Italy, Sweden, Croatia and Turkey have joined forces to procure innovative hypertension management solutions as part of the EU pre-commercial procurement (PCP) project HSMonitor.

Two solutions have been fully developed to answer the needs of the healthcare providers when it comes to hypertension management and provide a holistic approach, addressing various aspects of hypertension care: early detection and prevention, healthier lifestyle and nutrition, optimised drug therapy and improving treatment adherence, use of devices and remote monitoring, personalised decision support, interoperability and integration, quality and outcome reporting, patient-professional collaboration and coordination, training and education.

The solutions are currently being piloted with over 360 patients and more than 40 health professionals. Results are expected to be available in autumn 2023.

HSMonitor is calling on all health and care providers and health authorities that are interested in learning about the HSMonitor partners’ experience with the solutions and with applying new approaches to hypertension management, to sign up to ensure they receive all relevant results and insights of the project.