Medixine AB

Organisation size Small (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)
Headquarters Finland
Market Presence European
National reach Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal
Overall description

Medixine is a cloud software company specialised in connected care. Medixine started as consultancy company having dozens of projects in 10 countries for over 300.000 patients. In 2015 we decided to squeeze all our experience into a could software product, Medixine Suite. The product is now internationally available and has major customers such as hopsital regions in Finland and Denmark, global companies like Nestlé and Linde. Remote monitoring of vital signs such as blood pressure is one of the major modules of the product. It is complelented by videomeetings, chat, secure messaging and questionnaires. All configurable for any disease or condition. Medixine is ISO13485 certified and our product is a CE marked medical device. Product now supports 9 languages, more will be added according to demand, e.g. Italian, Turkish, Croatian.

Areas of expertise

International connected care, remote monitoring, care pathways, triage, telehealth, telemedicine, cloud software, mobile software, COVID-19

Technology experience

We have a full telemdicine product in production including device integrations. What we do not have is content corresponding to diseases (care pathways, questionnaire content,etc). Content can be easily configured into our system.

Areas of cooperation sought

Decision support, quality and outcome reporting, training and education

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.