Medicine Men BV

Organisation size Micro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)
Headquarters Netherlands
Market Presence Local; Regional; National; European
National reach Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Spain
Overall description

Medicine Men has been building self-care solutions with a focus on patients with a chronic illness for many years. Since some time, we focus on the expansion of the Emma platform, in which patients manage their disease and share their own data with their relatives and healthcare professionals. By linking heterogeneous medical devices, including blood pressure monitors, and adding versatile questionnaire options for healthcare professionals, our platform has become extremely useful to increase the self-management of patients and facilitate remote healthcare.

Areas of expertise

Over the years, we have developed multiple areas of expertise:

  1. General platform building: How to build a platform in which medical information can be shared in a safe way between patients, healthcare professionals and informal caregivers. Within our Emma platform, the patients gather medical data themselves and determine with whom the medical data will be shared. We thus do not only have expertise on how to share medical data between patients, informal caregivers and healthcare professionals, but also about how to get these data implemented in our platform, by sending out digital questionnaires and linking measuring equipment to the platform.
  2. Blood pressure measurements: With the help of a close collaboration with the UMC Utrecht, we have succeeded in developing a new method for a protocolled home blood pressure measurement that is fully based on the European hypertension guidelines. This method is unique, because it is based on a protocol in which patients measure their blood pressure only on a number of fixed times during a week. This method is already reimbursed by the healthcare securers within The Netherlands and we are currently the only ones who are able to provide this service, which we call EmmaHBPM. Within the EmmaHBPM service, patients measure their blood pressure at home, while the healthcare professionals can monitor their measurements remotely. In principal, healthcare professionals only get a message when there are enough validated measurements according to the hypertension guidelines. However, within our Emma platform, the healthcare professionals can choose to be triggered in multiple cases: e.g. when the blood pressure is above or below a certain value. In this way, EmmaHBPM can be very useful for diagnostics, medication titration and monitoring purposes.
  3. Other interventions: Besides blood pressure measurements, our Emma platform can be used for the management of many other diseases within integrated care paths. A good example of this is a study of the LUMC which has shown that the applications on our platform, including our Emma Activity Coach, are able to reduce the number of hospital days for COPD patients with 74%. This shows that we do not only have experience with how to gain en share medical data of patients, but also how our platform could be used to coach and support patients in developing a more active lifestyle. Based on these results, we get more and more requests from hospitals to make use of our platform.
Technology experience

At this moment, we provide a service called EmmaHBPM, which allows patients to measure their blood pressure in a validated way at home and to share the results with their healthcare professionals. This is one of the applications of our Emma platform and is used by healthcare professionals to remotely diagnose people with hypertension, set the medication at hypertension patients, or to monitor them. already on the market, and is already reimbursed by the Dutch healthcare securers, which gives an indication of its TRL. This service is unique, because it is based on a protocol in which patients measure their blood pressure only on a number of fixed times during a week at home, while it is also completely validated according to the European hypertension guidelines.Besides this description of how EmmaHBPM is currently used, it could also be used for prevention purposes. Furthermore our platform has shown to be successful in reducing the hospitalization days of COPD patients (74%), by combining the Activity Coach application in combination with the digital application of the lung attack action plan. This shows that our platform can be used for many more purposes, like coaching or personal decision support.

Areas of cooperation sought

We are looking for partners who believe in our platform and who can help to either scale it, develop it further or link it with other systems that healthcare professionals use in the for this tender relevant countries.

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.