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Organisation size Micro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)
Headquarters Italy
Market Presence National
National reach
Overall description

Datonix has developed an analytical database based on mathematical algorithms which reduce data costs and provide versatility and infinite scalability.
Datonix can bring big data and artificial intelligence to the remote nodes of the network: every data processing device even if not always connected and with limited data processing capabilities could host a large data base.
The uniqueness of the product can enable solutions that ‘consumerize and socialize’ big data Infinite scalability, makes artificial intelligence applications soar, making them accessible even to developers and non-professional users.
Datonix was founded in 2015 inheriting from the founders the purchase of an American technology company and more than 10 years of R&D.

  • In 2002, the founders purchased all the assets of the company QueryObject System Corp. (NASDAQ: QOBJ), restructured the company, moved it to Italy and started the datonix project
  • The subsequent phases of research and data development were financed with revenues from sales of the acquired product and DWH professional services or contributions deriving from research projects, or EU funds
  • In 2014 product development was completed and in 2015 the company began selling the first version of the product
  • In 2017 datonix has been used by Luxottica, E&Y and Istituto San Reaffaele in an Horizon2020 project to collect and analyse data coming from Intelligent Eyewear for medical purposes.
Areas of expertise

Datonix is a Data Management Solution for Analytics (DMSA). The strengths of the solution are based on:

  • mathematical models for disruptive data archiving and processing;
  • easy and seamless integration in existing applications or systems
  • improve system functionalities and reduce the costs of their operations
  • ease of use: limited costs and time for development, maintenance and management of new “datonix inside” systems or applications

IPR: the product is made of C and PHP software code and proprietary algorithms that can convert tabular data into an Object Oriented file with the following properties:

  1. it is intelligent: it can foresee all sorts of possible queries on the converted data and writes the result in an optimized form on the disk so that if necessary the requestor will always get an instant response
  2. makes the data natively compressed, portable and distributable: so that data mobility, data sharing and data monetization applications can be used at their best.
  3. enables the creation of anonymizable, robust, secure and non-repudiable databases and archives so as to meet the requirements of security, privacy and high availability.

Datonix is a new and simple to use solution for the analysis of large volumes of data.
It is particularly suitable for the rapid development of applications or data warehouse or data sharing systems.
With Datonix the analysis of the data – or the development of the analytical application – is faster, the management and maintenance costs less and the dependence on expensive Data Base products decreases.
The Datonix archives are light, secure, portable, open to be interrogated in real time using standard SQL language.
Datonix can be connected locally or remotely with Data Base, Business Intelligence Platforms Advanced Analytics, Data exploration tools and programs written in Go, C, Java, Ruby, Php, R and Python.
In general, the product was created with the aim of optimizing the data storage, distribution and fruition.

Website https://www.datonix.com
Technology experience

datonix smartdata: an anlytical database described above

Areas of cooperation sought

All areas not covered by our solutions.

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.