Humetrix Inc.

Organisation size Small (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)
Headquarters United States of America
Market Presence International (other than Europe)
National reach USA, France, UK
Overall description

Humetrix is a multi award-winning healthcare technology developer founded by its current CEO, Dr Bettina Experton. Its headquarters are in Del Mar, California, USA. It currently has 25 employees. It has three software products in the market: iBlueButton which aggregates multiple EHRs that a patient may have into a single seamless record; SOS QR which provides a summary care record when a QR code is scanned, primarily for use by A&E clinicians to speed passage through A&E and minimise medical error, and Tensio, the subject of this questionnaire, which principally is an app to coach users to improved heart health.

Areas of expertise

A great understanding of business models to ensure long term sustainability, healthcare software development (FHIR, APIs, regulatory approval, ISO 13485/ISO 14971 etc. compliance,), privacy protection (EU GDPR, US HIPAA), usability and accessibility, device security, coding structures for conditions and medications across the world and their interrelationships, excellent high-level relationships with key health players in government/academia, and rapid development.

Technology experience

As mentioned above Tensio, developed by Humetrix, delivers many of the requirements described earlier. Humetrix is very happy to develop it further, to your requirements, if we are successful at tender.

Areas of cooperation sought

Particularly hardware for early detection, also interoperability and care plan engine.

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes, that would be essential.