Guven Future

Organisation size Large (> 250 employees and > € 50 m turnover)
Headquarters Turkey
Market Presence Local; Regional; National; European; International (other than Europe)
National reach Europe, Middle East, Russia & CIS countries
Overall description

Guven Future is a part of Guven Healthcare Group and developing home care and telehealth solutions for Turkiye and the region. Guven was founded in 1974 and has been at the forefront of medicine for 45 years. We have been serving both Turkish and international patients for several decades in Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited facilities with a highly specialized team, including 1,100 employees, over 200 doctors and 350 nurses. Guven Group is collaborating with more than 35 countries and serves them for all types of healthcare requirements. Also, it has started receiving a significant number of international patients throughout the last couple of years and built up extensive experience in handling foreign healthcare needs. When a request is received, one of our medical specialists will review the patient case and communicate his or her thoughts and recommendations via telephone or video conference. Our team of multilingual staff responds to every patient inquiry within 24 hours following the evaluation of the patients’ medical reports with the relevant physicians.

Areas of expertise

Healthcare Service Provider and Healthcare Informatics related solutions

Technology experience

We have dedicated doctors and nurses for hypertension, also aim to implement telemedicine type of solutions to track related patients, collect realtime, online data and develop AI based reporting systems to act predictive and preventive.

Areas of cooperation sought

We are able to cover or handle all of the required tiles but in order to build interoperability and collaboration. We prefer partnership and joint proposal.

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.