GOLEM Solutions

Organisation size Small (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)
Headquarters Austria
Market Presence European; International (other than Europe)
National reach Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Italy, Japan, Slovakia, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Ukraine
Overall description

The company is Austrian high-tech R&D SME with a multidisciplinary team of ~20 employees that includes system and applied data scientists, physical world system modelers, developers of backend/frontend software, and mobile and web app, designers, testers. It has core sales, support staff, own cloud development infrastructure managed from its Vienna office. GOLEM collaborates with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as outsourcing partner supporting Pharos Navigator® platform applications for sustainable green Agri-Industrial developments, provision of healthy food, biomass and energy for its international programs in Africa, Latin America and Asia. AT the initial stages of its business the company collaborated with several major large international corporations (Siemens, Texas Instruments, etc.) as system integrator and reseller. Applying its strong expertise in system sciences, process control, ICT and IoT driven by AI and Big Data methodologies, GOLEM team formulated radically new approach toward modelling of complex cyber-bio-physical systems and developed dedicated software platform prototype Pharos Navigator® (PharosN TRL6/7) based only on open source software components. The unique innovation allows rapid development of disruptive large scale integrated high level applications for intelligent management, monitoring and control of complex real-world systems, operations and processes in different areas such as Digital Health, Enterprises, Energy, Smart Homes/Buildings, Smart Cities, Environment, etc. Based on the innovation results the company focuses its business development to address challenges of holistic health monitoring and management and provide practical cutting-edge scalable solutions enabling transition to new generation of digital care ecosystem in EU.

Areas of expertise
  • Development of comprehensive models of complex cyber-bio-physical systems-CBPS of (1) “Individual Living at Home” and (2) “Patients Health Monitoring & Control” for servicing Multiple Individuals by Caregivers
  • Applying the generic “Individual & Home” CBPS models for implementing AI-and Bid Data -driven personal Digital Twin that systematically and anonymously monitors individual health, biometrics and conditions, activities and living environment, instantly calculates and analyses ongoing wellbeing status, quality of life and safety, provides intelligent interactive multimodal advisory, prescription analytics and reminders based on evidence data and calculated trends, and keeps associated authorised relatives, formal, informal caregivers, social security organisations, healthcare systems updated in real time.
  • Applying the generic “Patients Health Monitoring & Control” CBPS model linked to multiple personal Digital Twins for intelligent monitoring and status of large number of home-based patients assisting caregivers in effective service management, bringing more personalised services, improving quality of life directly at people homes while saving significant financial and caregiver / healthcare resources in each EU country.
  • Enabling secure and GDPR compliant collaboration of these Digital Twins in the advanced AI-driven scalable digital ecosystem assisting multiple health and social care providers to assist large populations in healthcare and well-being with best possible quality of life to address growing demand and increase the national healthcare system resilience to large scale events like COVID-19.
  • Design and implementing necessary technical solutions and its integration including cloud analytics, fog and edge computing, mobile apps, selection, assembling and packaging of necessary IoT for home installations (e.g. heath tracker bracelets – pulse, blood pressure, steps/activity, body temperature, calories, and home environment sensors
  • Temperature/Humidity/Air Pressure, Smoke/Fire/CO/CO2, Door, etc. and wireless technologies Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/ZigBee, 5G), enabling interoperability for linking to additional local and remote diagnostic medical equipment, interfacing with different healthcare systems used by the service providers
  • Support in pilot implementation, training of users and local partners, maintenance and upgrading.
Website https://golem.at
Technology experience

We have already prototypes of the solution described above.

Areas of cooperation sought

Bio-medical models of health, patients behavior management, physiological aspects of health management in isolated home environment

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.