Frisq AB

Organisation size Small (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)
Headquarters Sweden
Market Presence Regional; National;European; International (other than Europe)
National reach USA
Overall description

We deliver a patientflow support solution, which enables both care staff and patient to work in the same process. Delivered SaaS.

Areas of expertise

Patient flows, EHR integration, patient centred care, process support

Technology experience

We deliver a solution that is amongst other ideal for care of chronic diseases, and is integrated towards some major EHR systems. We address all your boxes (perhaps not the early detection, at lesat we are not deployed in early detection today), but obviously we do not address them in all particular ways. Eg – device integration needs to pass a hub, we are currently integrated via hubs such as Google Fit and Apple Health kit. If a customer requires it, we can integrate directly towards a RM silo system or device.

Areas of cooperation sought

Device integration, real time monitoring

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.