Fraunhofer IMS

Organisation size Medium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)
Headquarters Germany
Market Presence European
National reach Netherlands, Italy, France, UK, Belgium
Overall description

Fraunhofer IMS is one of the leading institutes in Germany for applied research and development in microelectronics, embedded systems. and CMOS technology. With more than 30 years of experience and proven expertise in microelectronic circuits and systems we carry out research, development and pilot fabrication of microelectronic solutions for industrial and public clients. To tie our know-how adequately we have united our competencies in 9 business units: * IR Imagers * CMOS Image Sensors * Pressure Sensor Systems * Biohybrid Systems * Wireless and Transponder Systems * Electronic Assistance Systems * Devices & Technologies * ASICs * High Temperature Electronics Fraunhofer IMS works from the design up to the pilot fabrication. We operate three in-house cleanrooms for processing of 200 mm wafers: Our CMOS line offers acknowledged automobile quality with robust CMOS processes down to 0.35 µm. In our MEMS line we realise intelligent single-chip microsystems by complementing our CMOS wafers or customer wafers with additional structures and functionalities. Furthermore, we have facilities for test and assembling, including special requirements for pressure and image sensors. As non-profit research organisation, Fraunhofer IMS has participated in European research projects, e.g. Horizon2020 and FP7.

Areas of expertise
  • Embedded and non embedded AI for health prevention, diagnostic, therapy and home care
  • Miniaturized pressure sensor systems for pressure monitoring in intraocular, intracranial and cardiovascular area
  • Contactless Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Computer Vision based Vital Parameter determination & tracking
  • LIDAR and infrared sensors for e.g. cooperative robotics
  • Living-lab facilities for smarthome, healthcare and smartcity
  • Digital biomarkers in the context of personal health
  • RFID based tracking Technologies
  • Modular plug & play sensors in organ-on-chip
  • Embedded optical sensors for 3D monitoring of cell environment, e.g. pH, T, O2, glucose/lactate, biomarkers.
Technology experience

Monitoring health parameters

Areas of cooperation sought

Looking for industrial partners for user interaction with (potential) patients, partner looking into legal and ethical aspects, partners with integration and (patient) centric evaluation competence

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.