Organisation size Large (> 250 employees and > € 50 m turnover)
Headquarters Ireland
Market Presence European; International (other than Europe)
National reach Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Germany, Spain, France, UK, etc.
Overall description

E*HealthLine is a leader in Integrated Health Care Information Management software and services and the one of the largest independent vendors in the healthcare solutions market offering fully Certified software technology and business intelligence services within the global health industry. E*HealthLine is a proven technology software organization providing complete Global Professional Services, all dedicated to serving its clientele with the delivery of high-quality healthcare management solutions by reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving the safety of patient care. E*HealthLine’s integrated system application management provides a comprehensive spectrum of care for hospitals, physicians, homecare, payors, retail pharmacy automation and services for manufacturers all designed to improve the overall outcomes for patients. The company’s business units provide unique solutions that inform, connect and transform E*HealthLine’s award-winning software applications and technology. The company’s enterprisewide Integrated IT Applications and unique Solutions provide a range of flexibility with compatible digital technologies that optimize performance, meet compliance requirements and deploy technologies in complex environments throughout multiple locations.

Areas of expertise

E*HealthLine has developed a comprehensive Ecosystem which includes twenty three (23) integrated or stand-alone applications consisting of Digital Biomarker – Digital Therapeutics Platform, HIS, EHR, EPrescribing,Telehealth, & Thirty (30) Pharmaceutical Enterprise Systems, all supported by a best-of-breed infrastructure with enterprise grade security, availability, compliance, and manageability. These unique applications provide Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical Manufactures with a solid platform to facilitate powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) that harnesses the intelligence with massive datasets through deep learning frameworks.

Website https://www.ehealthline.com
Technology experience

Clinical Decision Support, Digital Biomarkers, Digital Therapeutics Platform for disease management

Areas of cooperation sought

We need support to implement our solution which has been already developed and implemented.

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.