Datawizard Srl

Organisation size Small (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)
Headquarters Italy
Market Presence Regional; National; European
National reach We work primarily in Italy, Germany and Spain with exposure to other European markets and the USA through participation in EU funded projects.
Overall description

Datawizard Srl is an SME that enriches Pharmaceutical data and provides digital health services to EU citizens with the mission of enabling patient-centric healthcare through Service Design and ICT solutions. We develop mobile and web digital health applications covering the entire production stack and often serve as system integrators and patient/clinician-facing app developers in large EU health projects. The company was founded by leaders from companies such as Google, IBM, Oracle, PwC, with expertise in Innovation, Data, IT and Design. For the last 5 years we’ve had a vertical focus on healthcare so our team and extended network includes many doctors, pharmacists, regulatory experts, research institutes, universities and end-users. Our most well known platform is Pharmawizard ( – a solution for managing daily health needs through user-friendly services such as drug and symptom research, comparison, therapy management and direct communication with pharmacists and doctors.

Areas of expertise

Our offer: Patient/Physician Empowerment Service Design / Design Thinking Approach UX Design Big Data Science and Architecture Frontend and Backend Development System Integration Semantic Search Engine, Ontology and NLP Tools Machine Learning and AI Solutions Strategic Consulting on Business Modelling in Digital Health Project Management and Coordination.

Technology experience

All the digital services that are showcased in the Pharmawizard mobile app (iOS and Android) and partially showcased on the website: we can offer as API services connected to trusted information on medicines so that they can be easily integrated with existing platforms in a plug and play model. We also offer the Chat with a Pharmacist feature for easy integration in any existing platform. In our Pharmahealth service, we offer home health monitoring using patient devices (such as those from iHealth to measure blood pressure) which automatically connect to the app and deliver results in real time with friendly interfaces that help user to understand their data over time. Additionally we have experience in 2 EU projects – 1 focused on ICT solutions for personalised nutrition (PROTEIN and 1 focused on a set of ICT tools for chronic disease management (TENDER) including hypertension.

Areas of cooperation sought

We are looking for healthcare providers who want to implement and pilot our services and develop new ones. We are also looking for some support for how to standardise our IT approach so it can easily be deployed in existing clinics and hospitals.

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.