Smart EpiGenetX

Organisation size Micro (<10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)
Headquarters Romania
Market Presence European
National reach
Overall description

NutriCare.Life use self-reported eating habit, digital and biological markers, provide evidence-based ultra-personalized recommendations! Food and supplements to optimize health.

Areas of expertise

NutriCare.Life precision nutrition digital platform use the latest research in microbiology, genetics and nutrition to provide personalized insights to encourage healthier eating behaviours. Our patent-pending technology use self-reported eating habit to provide ultra-personalized recommendations on the ideal intake of food, vitamins and minerals. To increase nutrition assessment accuracy users can benefit from at-home genetic, blood and urine tests. Our customers receive a comprehensive list of foods that best suit their nutritional requirements and personalized nutritional supplements at their home. Eating right, taking the proper supplements our customers will live longer and healthier.

Technology experience

We have expertise in precision nutrition based on digital and biological markers, genetics and microbilology.

Areas of cooperation sought

Healthcare providers of services for patients with metabolic disorders and academia interested in research and development of biomarkers related to nutrition.

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.