Organisation size Small (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)
Headquarters Switzerland
Market Presence International (other than Europe)
National reach The US
Overall description

Medisanté is a Swiss innovation champion active in the field of Medical IoT. The founders, with medical software & hardware background, struggled with the poor performance of available solutions for integration and interoperability of medical devices for clinical systems. By deeply understanding all needs of stakeholders of Remote Patient Monitoring, we developed Connected Care, a vision of a new physician-led Remote Patient Monitoring model with patient privacy and interoperability as focal points. After 4 years of engineering, the company built the first global direct-to-cloud hub that radically simplifies the integration of Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD) into clinical systems. The M+Hub has plug-and-play interoperability capabilities between ANY medical device and ANY clinical system, and operates under a norm where the patient’s identity never leaves the clinical system of the Healthcare Provider (HCP), hereby complying with the highest healthcare privacy standards and directly challenging BigTech consumer-led models that monetize the private health data.

Areas of expertise

M+Hub is the core, connecting ANY medical device to ANY clinical system. On the device side, we developed technologies to make ANY device cellular hereby avoiding Bluetooth/WiFi configurations at home. On the clinical system side, we created a simple structured process, so integration is truly simple plug-and-play. Most impressively, under this process, the identity of the patient will never leave the local clinical system. Basically, we answer all the challenges from stakeholders in Remote Patient Monitoring:

  1. Clinical System Vendor (IT): M+Hub offers IT a plug-and-play interoperability with ANY clinical systems: all devices assigned to patients in such a system can seamlessly send data to it.
  2. Biomedical engineer: M+Hub offers vendor-agnostic device management tracking both asset information and vital signs of patients in a single view for biomedical engineers.
  3. Health Care Provider (HCP): By assigning their chosen medical device to their patient in their clinical system, they ensure that their patient’s Data remains under their control and is never shared with device vendors. This is privacy by design realized in one-minute onboarding.
  4. Patient: The connectivity technology in the device – combined with the device-to-patient assignment in the clinical system – results in a true zero-touch configuration by the patient at home.
Technology experience

Cellular connected medical device and cloud

Areas of cooperation sought

Remote Patient Monitoring Platform partnership

Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.