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HSMonitor invites tenders to procure innovative ICT-enabled monitoring solutions to improve health status and optimise hypertension care.

If you want to participate in the PCP, please download the tender documents here.

The HSMonitor procurers are looking for a solution to improve care and prevention of hypertension. The project aims to advantage R&D state of the art to move well beyond current practice in the management (detection, prevention, self-management and treatment) of hypertension. This will be achieved by developing a framework for the design of ICT supported services, in which the new HSMonitor approach to the management of essential hypertension, the related state of the art on supply and demand side and the unmet needs of the HSMonitor procurer regions can be located. The procured HSMonitor solution will set enormous value to our health systems, faced with growing care requirements in this field.

The selected suppliers will develop the solution architecture & specifications based on the HSMonitor requirements, use cases and service process models. The solution architecture & specifications shall be passed to the Buyers Group for final assessment and selection. Suppliers will be informed about the outcomes of the selection. The selected suppliers will develop the HSMonitor pilot systems for a test under real-life conditions in each country.  Progress of the work will be monitored on monthly status calls. Training material and a training plan will be developed for all end-users.

Interested parties have until 13 November 2020 to submit a bid to suppliers@hsmonitor-pcp(dot)eu.

HSMonitor receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 856698.